Soulman created the brand concept «Organic Attraction» for Baelle.

A brand for the elegant and seductive.

On their words: «We like to feel beautiful, attractive and current. However we do not feel represented by the lifestyle proposed by many brands. We like to be healthy, at grocery we look for unprocessed food and sport is part of our life, not something casual. We are seduced by the organic design, “organic attraction”, that comes from nature. Our collections propose a lifestyle. We design how we live and feel, with passion and accepting the challenges we share with the women of our generation.We have grown together and separately, we struggled in different phases to achieve our aims. We are sisters, hardworking, independent, practical and passionate. Today we join our abilities in a single project that reflects our style as woman. The Baelle woman, active, strong, with desire to accomplish goals. Who knows how to enjoy life. We like the coast and mountain, the sun and snow, healthy, nearby, who respects the environment and does not let in the banal in every day. Authentic and natural».